Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Russell Street School Buddy Olympics Day

Today was Olympics Buddy Day.  We spread out into two groups with our little buddies too.  Each group was a country.  Our country was the Netherlands and the rest of our class was Spain.  Lots of people dressed in their countries colours but we didn't today.  We were feeling excited.

First we had an opening ceremony where all the countries came together to go off to their first activity before rotating around to the other activities.  The activities we participated in were high jump, hockey, boat racing (Rowing), rhythmic dancing (ribbons), egg and spoon racing, hurdles, shot put, archery, horse riding, fencing,  soccer, ultimate paper, scissors, rock, hand ball and rugby.

Our first activity was the rowing.  We had to blow the boat to the other end of the water tray with a straw.  This was tricky but highly enjoyable.  We were proud of ourselves for giving it a try.

Our favourite activity was the horse riding.  It was sad when Cullen fell over and my buddy face planted because they got hurt.   They did think it was funny though. We really liked the races and it was a lot of fun.

We feel happy because it was a long great day and the activities were well planned.

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